Disabled in Development Project Field Allies FAQs

“Stigma-busting tales of bringing our disabilities, chronic illnesses, and aging to our work in philanthropy and fundraising”

FAQs for Field Allies

What’s the purpose of the Disabled in Development Project?

Founded in 2019 by Ingrid Tischer, the purpose of the Disabled in Development (DiD) Project is to make philanthropy more effective and thus more powerful by centering more disabled people from multiply-marginalized communities.

What do you want from Field Allies?

Field allies of the Disabled in Development Project (DiD) are friends and supporters who help share DiD with potential storytellers and other like-minded allies.
In choosing to let me list your name and a blurb about you as a Field Ally, you show solidarity with DiD’s efforts to dismantle structural ableism and advance representational leadership in philanthropy and fundraising.
You might be a connector —  someone who isn’t a DiD story-teller yourself – who knows people who might want to be storytellers.
Or you’re with an organization that wants to stand with DiD in saying,
“Disability inclusion, equity, and representation are essential to powerful philanthropy and fundraising, and centering more disabled people from multiply-marginalized communities is the way to go.”
Or you’re both!
You help encourage your community to participate and share their stories. You also publicize this campaign among your professional and informal social networks.
Here are some general guidelines:
  • Please let me know if you’d like to help get the word out. If you would, please email me and let me know if I can list you or your organization as one of our Field Allies.

  • Encourage people you know to share their stories with DiD.
  • Distribute the flyer (download the DiD Field Allies FAQs) to your colleagues and friends in your community.
  • Feel free to use the content in the flyer and feature it in your own blog or organization’s website or newsletter.
  • For updates on the Project, “Like” the Disabled in Development Project on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @PhilanthroCrip and let us know about your experiences. Use the hashtag #DisabledinDevelopment.
  • Please note: Any images, quotes or content submitted to DiD may be used for our own purposes.
  • For any questions or comments, contact Ingrid Tischer, Project Founder/Director: Ingrid@talesfromthecrip.org.

How does DiD try to make philanthropy more inclusive and effective?

To do that, DiD is seeking the stories of disabled people, chronically ill people, and/or aging people who work/volunteer in philanthropy, work as a development non-profit staff, or hold fundraising responsibilities in a non-profit senior-level position. Together, our coalition can be a powerful force in philanthropy as it grapples with the challenge of increasing disability inclusion, access, and representation.
Our expertise and our stories can transform philanthropy and fundraising into a stronger social justice force. But stigma is also a powerful force that keeps us silent, invisible, and isolated from each other – some of us, for decades. Many people have quietly persisted in philanthropy and fundraising for years and decades. They should be included in the equity work happening now. Their first stories will go live on Labor Day, which is Monday, September 2, 2019.
The Disabled in Development Project is not a 501(c)(3). It’s a grassroots organizing campaign to organize individuals and organizations for practical action.


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