How You Can Participate in the DiD Project

Here’s how you can share your expertise and experience through Disabled in Development:

First Steps:

  1. See if it’s for you: Check out the process (below), preview the questions.
  2. Send questions or confirm with me at 1) that you’d like to participate; 2) how you’d like to be compensated (info below); 3) your decision about anonymity; 4) that you accept the Agreements.
  3. I email you a link to a Google doc that only you and I will have access to, where we’ll complete your interview/story.


  • You complete All About You and All About Your Experience sections.
  • The All About You section is factual information about who you are and consists mostly of questions that can be a simple Yes/No/Decline. More detail is welcome but not necessary. Its purpose is to give context to the next section, where you describe experience you’ve had.
  • In the All About Your Experience section, you choose 3-5 questions from the list and answer them at the length you want.
  • If you want to answer more questions, great, but fewer questions with more detail is preferable.
  • I will copy-edit/proof what you write below into a draft blog post that you can then edit and give final approval on.
  • I will likely have follow-up questions to clarify a point you made.
  • You send me a high-resolution photo of yourself and an image description.
  • I will cross-post the series on starting Labor Day 2019 and on Medium.
  • We will both share on social media using #DisabledInDevelopment and #RepresentationMatters.

My Next Steps:

  • Migrate all of the DiD Project content to its own dedicated website in June 2019 or sooner.
  • Depending on how many people agree to participate, I will collate the responses and identify patterns, and write up the results as an informal analysis.
  • I will publish the informal analysis on my blog and Medium, and/or submit an article to a philanthropic news outlet.
  • I will invite you to co-host or participate in a #DisabledInDevelopment Twitter chat.

Contacting Me:

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