Disabled in Development Project Storyteller #11: Dom Kelly

I sometimes daydream about managing the campaign of a disabled candidate and hiring a staff of all disabled folks – that and maybe even running for office myself one day.

Smiling photo of Dom Kelly

Photo courtesy of Dom Kelly

Multi-colored hexagonsWhen I asked if I could create a disability council at Fair Fight Action, I was given enthusiastic support and encouragement.

Name or Anonymous:
Dom Kelly
Please share how you prefer to introduce yourself:
I am a progressive political and nonprofit fundraiser, disability justice advocate and organizer, digital and editorial strategist, and former professional musician.
I am one of a set of triplets with Cerebral Palsy and have been involved in disability advocacy since I was 4 years old. I am currently the Senior Fundraising Manager at Fair Fight Action, a voting rights organization based in Georgia, and I also lead our Disability Council.
Previously, I spent nearly a decade working in leadership positions in the digital media space while touring the world and making records with my rock band. I hold a bachelor’s degree in music production and master’s degree in new media journalism, and I am currently completing a graduate certificate in interdisciplinary disability studies at the University of Maine as well as a master’s in nonprofit leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. Continue reading